Apple AirPods Six Week Waiting Time Reduced

Despite all the jokes about how ridiculous the Apple Airpods are, people are still rushing to get one for themselves. Those that managed to get themselves one on the 13th of December will be getting it before the 19th of December but for those that ordered it a little later, they were notified that they will only be getting the AirPods six weeks later which means they will have to wait until January.

Since it is just a set of headphones, most people will still survive even if it arrives in January but Apple is trying to make sure more of their users are able to get them before the year ends.

It has been reported that Apple is now shipping some of those order earlier than expected which means some users that were supposed to get the Airpods in January might actually get them before 2016 ends.

Some users have already reported that their latest shipping notice was changed from the 12th of January to 28th of December while other reported that their 29th of December shipping date was moved forward to the 23rd of December.

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