Apple AirPods: Future Orders Will Have Less Waiting Time

The Apple Airpodes was made fun of the moment it was announced but that did not stop the Apple fans from grabbing one for themselves the moment the AirPods went on sale last month.

Some users later reported that they had to wait until February before the AirPods is delivered to them which means fans will have to wait for about 3months to get the headphones.

According to DigiTimes, Inventec, the supplier working on the Apple AirPod is working overtime to make sure they keep up with the demand for the AirPods. By speeding up the production, Apple should have more than enough AirPods to keep the shipping time short in the future.

Some people are worried that Apple rushing to get these AirPods out might affect the quality of the Airpods. There are already a few reports about the battery not performing like it is supposed to. Hopefully, Apple can get that issued solved soon.


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