Amazon Fire Phone: A Good Buy After Some Minor Customisations

Have you been considering the Amazon Fire phone? There has been a lot of talk over on Reddit as you can pick up the device for $180 and if you do some minor customisations it is actually not a bad device.

It has been said that the Amazon Fire phone does have some of the best hardware on an Android device. Some of the many things that sets the device apart from handsets such as the Samsung Galaxy S2 and the OnePlus One include the construction of the device being solid, the display being clear and bright and having great colours and the stereo speakers which are superb in landscape mode.

Along with this the Amazon Fire phone is fast and offers superb performance and it has similar specs to the Nexus 5. However to get the best from it you do have to make some adjustments.

To get the best from the Amazon Fire phone you have to disable the dynamic stuff such as the four IR projectors and camera modules. You also have to download and install four .apk files for allowing Google services and Google Play Store to run and be ready to be annoyed by the strange navigation of the device.

So would you be willing to do all this to get the most out of the Amazon Fire phone or will you be giving the device a miss?

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