Pokemon Z Release Date: Zygarde Paves The Golden Brick Road

While we might not have heard yet about the Pokemon Z release date at least we know something about Zygarde. It has been said that the Pokemon is going to show up in the Pokemon XY movie with the name of Hoopa & the Clash Of Ages. We have seen new images revealed in a pre-release and we will also be seeing Hoopa in the unbound form too.

While Zygarde didn’t make an appearance in the images revealed we did get to see the mysterious figure and it showed off three eyes on its face and looked much like Hoopa in the Ubound form. However the horns could mean that the Pokemon are different from each other. At the moment the role of Zygarde in Pokemon Z isn’t clear.

Pokemon Z hasn’t been announced yet however fans are waiting to hear more details. The XY anniversary is fast approaching and this could be the time we here news. There may have been improvements to the graphics along with new game modes.

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