Resident Evil 7: Where Art Thou?

Fans of the Resident Evil series have been waiting to get their hands on Resident Evil 7, but what has happened to the game and when it does arrive is it going to be any good?

Many fans have said that they enjoyed playing Resident Evil 5 and 6 and that they are optimistic about what is going to come with Resident Evil 7. Of course what they want to know the most is whether it is going to be a revisit to the genre of the game or if the game will end up being revamped.

On the other hand Resident Evil 6 was slammed by some followers of the series as they said that it didn’t have enough horror in the game and it had too much action. Revelations on the other hand was scary and it did make you jump. Games that are focused more on action than horror are popular though and they sell well, so maybe Resident Evil 7 will be more action based.

Die-hard fans of Resident Evil 4 also pointed out that this was filled with horror and less action and the game sold very well, so who knows what we will see in Resident Evil 7? But what would you like to see, horror, action or a bit of both? Protection Status