Alien: Isolation Made Clearer With New Finding

The story of the Alien: Isolation game was pretty clear but if you pay attention to all the recording and clues, you will notice that there were some loose end throughout the game. The new audio files and dialogues found in the files of the game might have made things a little clearer.

Matt Flier, a web developer was looking through the files of the game and he manages to find some extra dialogue and audio files that were cut from the game. While the files do not change the story of the game, it does help explain more about the game.

The audio files include some of the recordings at Sevastapol giving us a better picture of what was happening at Sevastopol before Ripley arrived at the station. There were also some files on a few other characters in the game.

The full list of files and audios can be found here so check it out if you like.

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