Alfa Romeo Giulietta: Volkswagen Golf R Should Be Relieve

Looking at what the Alfa Romeo Giulietta could possibly look like, we bet Volkswagen is happy that their Golf R won’t have to face it right now. Although Alfa Romeo has ever indicated that they are working on a hatch version of the Alfa Romeo Giulia, there were speculations that they might since hatchback seems to be in demand right now.

The concept you see here was designed by artist Theophilus Chin who thinks that the Alfa Romeo Giulia would look like this if it were made into a hatchback. Called the Alfa Romeo Giulietta, the artist borrow some of Stelvio’s design and Giulia design to come out with this hatchback model.

We got to admit, we actually like what he has come out with. The vehicle actually looks like something that we would not see on the right now. Of course, we most likely will not be seeing this on the road ever but one could still dream, right?

What do you think of it?

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