Access Your PC Remotely With Chrome Remote Desktop

The digital world is truly without borders as today, consumers can access their home computer remotely on their smartphone or tablet. How is this even possible?

The answer is with Google and its Chrome Remote Desktop. The target computer needs to have this serviced installed whereas the smartphone requires the Chrome App Launcher. If you have done so, then proceed by setting up the access authorization on the computer. It will request for a PIN that will be used to connect with the computer.

Then, the software will automatically download Chrome Remote Host service automatically. Now, the trick is not to get your computer to go to sleep or even disconnect from the internet. Over at your smartphone, run the application and seek out the computer from the list of Google accounts. Once done, select it and enter the PIN to connect with it.

A screen will load up and it will show every file in your computer that has been set to share. It is basically your own personal cloud storage service with your computer as its server.

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