2019 Ford Ranger: Styling Would Be A Surprise

Ford was at the Detroit Auto Show when they officially announce the return of both Ford Ranger and the Ford Bronco. According to Ford, both the Ranger and the Bronco will be built at the Michigan Assembly Plant in Wayne, Michigan.

Even though the Ford Ranger has been missing from the US market for some time now, the truck was still being sold in the other markets like Australia. That is why some people think that the Ford Ranger we will get here in the US will look like the one the Australia right now but that is not the case.

Ford has already made it clear that the Ford Ranger coming to the US will be a next-gen model which means it will be coming in with a brand new design. We still do not know how the new Ford Ranger will look like but some people believe that it might be taking some design inspiration from the Ford Bronco.

That way, it will be easier for them to design the new Ford Bronco based on the new Ford Ranger. The new Ford Ranger will be arriving in 2019 while the Bronco will arrive a year later.

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