2019 BMW 8-Series: Here’s The Biggest Clue

BMW have not said anything about the BMW 8-Series getting revived but there was speculation that it might. In fact, there is now some strong evidence that might suggest that it is really going to happen.

The BMW 8-Series was a performance luxury coupe that was released back on the 12989. The model continued to be sold until 1999. According to a member from Bimmer post forum, he managed to get hold of 177pages of model names and codes from BMW revealing some of the new models that BMW might be working on in the next few years.

The papers not only suggest that the M2 and M4 will be arriving but it also listed the BMW 8 Series as one of the models that BMW will be working on. BMW have not said anything after this “leak” but you can be sure that the issue will be brought up at Geneva next week. Whether or not they will be giving us a satisfying answer is a whole other story.

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