2018 Toyota Supra Did Not Convince Honda

All eyes are on the Toyota Supra now that they have announced that they will be bringing it back with the help of BMW. The fans can’t wait to see what Toyota will be offering this time around.

It is not uncommon to see automakers come together to work on something and while there were a few that did not turn out well, there was some that turn out great and we are hoping that the Supra will be one of them.

Despite all the hype, it looks like Honda is still not convinced that working with other is the way to go for them. When asked if they are interested or has plans to work with any other automaker in the near future, Honda replied saying that they don’t have any such plans and that they would like to stay independent for the time being.

We know that their sales have been going down so maybe staying on their own is not the right move right now. What do you think?

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