Prince of Persia: Did We Got It Wrong

When an employee of Reflection tweeted an image with all the previous Prince of Persia game and an empty slot in the back, we all assume that the tweet was hinting that there might be a Prince of Persia game in the making but did we got it wrong?

The whole twitter account was later taken down which lead even more people to believe that a new Prince of Persia game but no game was announced last year. Some fans are hoping that we might see it at one of the many game events and show this year but at this point, we really do not know what is going to happen.

Previous rumor suggests that the next Prince of Persia game could possibly be a 2D game just like the Rayman game that Ubisoft offered. While we are not sure that is really what the fans want, at least it is still better than nothing right? Protection Status