2018 Subaru WRX STi: BRZ Answer Already Out There

Subaru has not mentioned anything about a possible new Subaru BRZ but most people seems to believe that they are working on one right now and that the Subaru BRZ will be coming in with a new design. However, that is not all. Some people also believe that Subaru might also be working on a new Subaru BRZ STi model.

Subaru has made it clear that they are looking to expand their STi line-up. While they did not specifically mention BRZ, fans believe that the BRZ would be the perfect model to get the upgrade.

If Subaru does work on a new Subaru BRZ model, the model will most likely be getting its new design features from the Subaru Impreza which means the Subaru BRZ STi will most likely come with a design that is based on the Subaru WRX STi model.

Fans were also hoping that the BRZ would come with a turbo engine if Subaru does decide to give it the thumbs up but according to Subaru, there is no chance of that ever happening for the BRZ.

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