Nintendo Switch Not PS4’s Equal

While we have not seen the Nintendo Switch in action yet, most of the big game publishers and game developers have and most of them only had good and positive things to say about the Nintendo Switch.

Based on their reaction, you would think that the Nintendo Switch is a console that will be as powerful or maybe even more powerful than the PS4 but it looks like that is not the case at all.

According to GamesBeat, the new Nintendo Switch will not be a PS4 or Xbox One equal. They added that since the Nintendo Switch will be running on “Nvidia’s last generation Maxwell graphics-processing architecture” it won’t be able to beat the PS4 in terms of power.

However, it will be powerful enough to run the Nintendo games as well as some of the older console games like the announced Skyrim. They also added that while the console will have no problem running the game at 720p, the experience would be better if the players bring it down to 540p.

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