Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Will Live On In Galaxy S8

The Note 7 came with a few interesting new features but sadly, we did not get to experience most of them since Samsung was forced to recall it after the whole battery exploding reports but it looks like we will still be getting a taste of Note 7 when Samsung brings in the Samsung Galaxy S8 next year.

According to ETNews, the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8, which is expected to debut around spring next year, will be coming in with the Y-OCTA display tech that the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 was using.

The display will allow the S8 to come with a slimmer design since the touch sensor will be adding to the screen itself. While most people won’t really notice the difference, having the display like that will benefit the users especially if they’ve cracked the screen because the new display has less component and that means it is much easier to fix . Protection Status