2018 Nissan Z: Only Wanted If It Drop A Few Sizes

When Nissan first introduces the Nissan Z, the vehicle was light, nimble and extremely fun to drive but with each upgrade, the Nissan Z became bigger and bulkier and many fans are saying that the Nissan Z is no longer the fun car that it used to be.

There have been speculations about Nissan looking to upgrade the Nissan Z and while that might sound like a good news, the fans are saying that they only want to see it happen if Nissan turns it back into the light and nimble model that it once was.

They were hoping that the new Nissan Z will be build based on the Infiniti Q60. The Infiniti Q60 has gotten a lot of attention thanks to its impressive new design and features.

Of course, Nissan has never indicated that they will be working on a new Nissan Z. Do you think Nissan should give it a thumbs up? What would you like to see on the new Nissan Z?

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