2018 Honda Accord: Going From Great To Bad?

Honda made a few changes to the new Honda Civic and while those changes were very weel received, it looks like some Honda Accord fans are not too happy about the impact the new Civic will have on the upcoming Honda Accord.

One of the upgrades that Honda made on the Honda Civic is the size upgrade. The new Civic is wider now which means the interior is roomier. While that is great, the wider Civic also means that the Honda Civic and Honda Accord is now too close for comfort.

To make sure the Civic does not step on the Accord’s toes, Honda will have to increase the size of the Honda Accord as well and based on the spy shots, that is exactly what Honda is going to do.

While a size upgrade is usually welcome, some fans are saying that the size the Accord has right now is perfect and that widening it will only make it too bulky. It is believed that the Accord will also come with the Civic design, platform and engine as well.

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