Faraday Future FF 91: No Hope Against Tesla?

It seems like the people still have not decided if the Faraday Future is going to be a success or a failure but we all know that they have their eyes set on Tesla’s position in the market. Whether they can actually threaten Tesla or not is a whole other story.

Faraday Future has just shown off their FF 91 model and while some people do not think that it looks great, it did come with a few interesting features including the side camera which will replace the standard side mirrors. It will also come fitted with new tech like the rising lidar sensor, cell modems to keep the car connected and more.

However, not everything is bright and sunny on the side of Faraday Future. We all saw the FF 91 called to park itself when they were showing it off at CES but that was not the issue they have. There were also talk about the company having financial issues and that they will have problems coming out with their first production model. That is definitely not something you want to hear.

What do you think of Faraday Future and their FF 91?

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