2018 Nissan Z: Only If Infiniti Q60 Is In It

The Nissan Z might be great but it was not what it used to be and the fans are really hoping that Nissan would bring the original model back.

Although Nissan had never announce that they are working on a new Nissan Z, there were speculation that they might. While some people were excited to hear that Nissan might be working on a new Nissan Z, others are saying that they would only care if Nissan gives us the original Nissan Z.

Unlike the Nissan Z that we have now, the first Nissan Z arrives as a light and nimble model. It has grown significantly through the years and the fans are not too about that.

The fans think that the new Infiniti Q60 would be a great place for Nissan to start. Of course, we still do not know if we will ever see a new Nissan Z. Are you hoping to see it make a comeback?

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