2018 Nissan Z Not Wanted If Nissan Won’t Go Back

It seems like the fans do want to see Nissan bring in a new Nissan Z model but only if Nissan is willing to bring the Nissan Z back in time.

When Nissan first introduced us to the Nissan Z, it was a small, light and nimble model that was extremely fun to drive but that change with each upgrade that Nissan did to the Nissan Z. The last Nissan Z model that we got was bulky and no longer fun.

The fans made it clear that they do not want the Nissan Z if it were to be just like the previous model. Instead, they are looking for something that is closer to what the Infiniti Q60 is offering right now.

Of course, Nissan has never indicated that they are looking to build a new Nissan Z but if they do, they might want to take into consideration what their fans think of the model before they start planning things out.

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