2017 Chevrolet SS: Why You’re Really Missing Out

With the Chevrolet SS, it is all about the speed and performance but if you will be missing out on a lot more if you fail to order on before this month.

The Chevrolet SS is not only powerful but it also has a design to match to the aggressive powertrain that it will be fitted with. The V8 engine under the hood will allow the vehicle to deliver about 415hp when it arrives. That paired with the six-speed manual transmission makes the Chevrolet SS one of the best models to drive around in.

GM will also be fitting it with the Magnetic Ride Control shocks to make the drive even more enjoyable. The fact that you can get all these power on a $50k vehicle is great as well.

If you are still considering, you might want to decide faster because according to GM Authority, the order book for the Chevrolet SS will close at the end of this month so there is not much time left.

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