Resident Evil 2 Remake: Back In The Spotlight

Now that we have all seen what the new Resident Evil 7 game is all about, all eyes are back on the Resident Evil 2 Remake game. Will we be getting the game this year? How much will Capcom change?

Capcom has not revealed much about the Resident Evil 2 Remake other than the fact that they will be building the game from the ground up. Some fans were worried that Capcom would change the game too much they build it from the ground up but we will have to wait and see first before we can decide.

One of the biggest argument seems to be the camera viewpoint of the game. Some people are hoping that Capcom brings back the old camera viewpoint while others are hoping that the game will match what we have right now.

We do not know if the game would make it out this year or not but if it does, what are you hoping to see? Protection Status