2018 Nissan Z: Infiniti Q60 Leads The Way

Nissan has never made any announcement or indicated that a new Nissan Z is on its way but many believe that they are working on one.

If so, their fans are hoping that Nissan will go back to the roots of the Nissan Z and come out with a new model that is compact, light and nimble. Nissan seems to have gotten the impression that upsizing the Nissan Z was the way to go and the fans were not too happy with that.

The Nissan Z has grown to a point where it no longer feels nimble anymore and we are all hoping that they will not be making the same mistake with the new model. Many believe that the new Nissan Z will be design based on the new Infiniti Q60.

If that is the case, we might also see the Nissan Z come with the same V6 turbo engine that the Infiniti Q60 is offering right now. The engine is capable of offering about 400hp. The only other wish that their fans seem to have is that Nissan keeps the manual transmission around for a little longer.

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