Microsoft Lumia 950 XL Should Try To Fit In

Well, Microsoft has been trying to get people to take their smartphones seriously for some time now and while they have been coming out with some decent smartphone, things have not really been working out for them.

While most people blame the app store and the Windows OS, we think that it is because Microsoft is trying too hard to fit in. With what the new Windows 10 is capable of doing, it is hard to watch Microsoft still trying to stuff it into a box and make it as Android and iOS like as possible.

They should be doing what they did with the Surface tablet where they come out with a thing of their own instead of trying to fit it and we think that would work for Microsoft. We are not sure the Surface Phone is going to be the answer here but trying to make their smartphones work like the Android and iOS we have now is never going to work.

What do you think Microsoft should be doing?

Steven Estevez

I am an automotive journalist with 15 years of experience. I am writing articles for the Motoring Crunch magazine. I love everything related to cars, trucks and pickups, as well as motorcycles. My contact e-mail: [email protected]