2018 Mercedes E-Class Coupe: No Point Hiding

Spies have just spotted the Mercedes E-Class Coupe test model out in the open and although some part of the vehicles were covered in camo stickers, we don’t see why they even bother to do it.

Only the hood and parts of the headlights were covered. They also tried covered up part of the rear but the rest of the vehicle were just left uncovered giving us a clearer picture of what is to come.

Of course, we have already how the E-Class would look like since the coupe model will be based on the new E-Class sedan so there is really not much fo a mystery here.

The new 2018 Mercedes E-Class Coupe will come riding on the new MRA platform. The platform is not only lighter but it also means that the E-Class Coupe will not be able to get the nine-speed auto transmission as well as an AWD system.

No words on what the Coupe will be running on but we can expect to see some 4 and 6 unit gasoline and diesel engine option. The 2018 Mercedes E-Class Coupe will be arriving in 2017.

Steven Estevez

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