2018 Nissan Leaf Will Be Needing Some Gas

The Nissan Leaf that we have now have been around for a long time and while did say that they will be giving the Nissan Leaf an upgrade. That has not happened yet. One of the upgrades that the fans are hoping to see is the Nissan Leaf offering their customers more range.

With what the Nissan Leaf ahs to offer now, range anxiety is going to be a real issue. We do not know when Nissan plans to give the Nissan Leaf an upgrade but some people are now saying that the Nissan Leaf would be coming in with the new e-Power engine.

The new Nissan e-Power engine will power the vehicle using electric alone but it is not a fully electric engine. The e-Power powertrain is a hybrid engine. There will be a small gas engine paired with the electric engine. The gas engine sole duty is to generate power to power up the electric engine.

According to Nissan, the Nissan Note e-Power will be the first to get the engine. While they did not say that it will be for the Leaf, some people think that it might happen. What do you think?

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