2018 Mercedes A-Class: Who Are They Targeting?

Mercedes will be working on a new Mercedes A-Class model that be coming with a new exterior design, bigger body, and upgraded engine. As nice as that sound, some people are wondering who they planned to offer the Mercedes A-Class to.

The 2018 Mercedes A-Class should be coming with a longer wheelbase that will allow the vehicle to offer more interior space when it arrives. Not only will they be working on the exterior but the interior as well. The A-Class will come fitted with a new infotainment system and more.

Under the hood is a turbocharged four-cylinder petrol and diesel engines that has been upgraded. There are also talk about a hybrid tech coming in the near future.

So who are their audience? Those that can afford the A-Class would probably consider models like the C63 and E63. Do you think there is a place for the A-Class in the market right now?

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