2018 Mazda 6: Google To The Rescue

Mazda made it clear that their upgraded models will not be coming with the Android Auto and Apple CarPlay support and there is really nothing their customers can do about it. While it is not really a deal breaker for many, the thought of the Mazda models not having the support while their rivals have is making their customers a little unhappy.

Well, the iOS users are stuck with the Mazda infotainment system but the Android users won’t have to be. Thanks to Google, Android users can now download the Android Auto from the Playstore and run it on their device. The device will act as the infotainment and users will be able to use all the Android Auto features available.

The app will run on any Android device with the Android 5.0 OS and above. Google recently upgraded the app so that it will support the new OK Google feature which means users won’t have to tap on the microphone to use the voice command feature anymore.

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