2018 Honda Accord: Nowhere To Go

With the new Honda Civic upgrade in place, the one that will lose the most could be the Honda Accord. One of the upgrades that were offered on the Civic is the wider body. While that means that Civic users will now get a roomier interior, it also means that the Honda Accord and the Honda Civic is now closer than ever.

Because of that, the Honda Accord will have a hard time if it stays where it is right now. The only way to survive will be to come with an even wider body but is that really what they customers want?

Some customers feel that the Honda Accord is already perfect as it is now and that giving it a wider body will only make it too bulky but with the upgraded Civic nowhere, what other choice does the Accord have.

It is also believed that the Honda Accord will be riding on the same Civic platform and will be powered by the same engine although the Accord engine might get tuned to deliver a little more than the Civic engine.

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