2018 Honda Accord: Can’t Keep Its Slim Physique

We think that the Honda Accord size is just right now. It is not small and it is not bulky. However, Honda decision to upgrade the Honda Civic might affect the size of the upcoming Honda Accord.

To make sure the interior is more spacious now, Honda decided to increase the measurement of the new Honda Civic. As nice as it is to have a bigger Civic now, the downside to it all is that the Honda Civic is not getting too close to the Honda Accord.

To make sure the Honda Accord does not get overshadowed, Honda will have to increase the size of the Honda Accord as well and based on the spy shots out there, it looks like that is exactly what Honda is going to do.

It is also believed that the Honda Accord will be coming in with a new design that is based on the Honda Civic and that it will also be fitted with the same engine but the engine on the Accord would most likely be tuned so that it has a slightly higher output.

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