2017 Honda Pilot: One Upgrade Missing

There were definitely a lot of room for improvement when Honda first release the new Honda Pilot and we are glad that Honda has taken the initiative to work on them even when they could have waited a few years but there is still one upgrade that is missing from the Honda Pilot.

The biggest chances that the Honda Pilot will be getting is the new interior design. To make sure they make full use of all the space they have in the Honda Pilot, Honda has decided to redesign the interior of the Pilot.

The Honda Pilot will also be getting more aluminum part which means the 2017 model will come in with a lighter body. Some people were hoping that the 2017 Honda Pilot Elite will be coming with a six-speed transmission but it looks like that is not going to happen.

Although the 2017 model will feel a lot more spacious, the exterior measurement and design will remain the same.

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