Watch Dogs 2 Looks Like It Might Be Fun

We were all excited to play Watch Dog when it was first announced but most people ended up being very disappointed with the game. Most people felt like the game lacked the hacking mechanism that was promised and they were not a huge fan of the protagonist either.

Ubisoft reveals that things will be better in the new game. They promised a more interesting protagonist and a new gameplay mechanics and it looks like they might actually deliver this time.

Just a week before the game is release, Ubisoft released the new launch trailer for Watch Dogs 2. From what we can see, the game looks a lot more interesting this time around. The gameplay, graphics, and characters look more promising this time but we will have to wait until the game officially arrive to be sure.

The new Watch Dogs 2 game will be released on the 15th of November for PS4 and Xbox One while the PC version will only be released on the 29th of November. Check out the new launch trailer below. Protection Status