2018 Honda Accord: Buyers Don’t Have A Choice

Well, if you are looking to get the next Honda Accord, you got not choice but to get it even though it might no longer be in the size you like. After the upgrades that the Honda Civic came with, we all knew that the Honda Accord will no longer be the same as well.

Most people would probably be happy with the exterior upgrades that the Honda Accord will be getting but some fans are not too sure about the size upgrade. Since the Honda Civic now comes with a bigger body, the Civic will be too close to the Accord if Honda does not do something about it.

Based on some of the new spy shots, it is clear that the Honda Accord will be getting a size upgrade. Fans fear that the now perfect Honda Accord will end up being way too bulky with the size upgrade.

The new Honda Accord should also be coming in with the Honda Civic engine but it will most likely be tuned to offer a little more than its little brother.

Steven Estevez

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