2018 Ford Expedition Won’t Be Ridiculed Thanks To F-150

The Ford F-150 was the one that was teased when Ford first announce that they will be upgraded it to an aluminum model. A lot of people felt that Ford was making a huge mistake back then and it did not help that the other automaker were also making fun of them.

Ford ended up proving everybody wrong by showing their customers that going aluminum does not mean that the Ford F-150 is weaker and less durable. The Ford 5-150 ended up being a huge success and it looks like Ford is looking to follow that up with a 2018 Ford Expedition upgrade.

It is believed that the 2018 Ford Expedition will also be getting an aluminum upgrade. The change of material should help improve the fuel economy and performance of the vehicle but some consumers are worried that the upgrade will also increase the price tag of the vehicle since making the upgrade is not going to be cheap.

Do you think Ford is doing the right thing this time?

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