2018 Buick Regal: Not The Time For Outback To Relax

The Subaru Outback might be enjoying all the attention that it is getting right now but that might come to an end if Buick does decide that the Regal Wagon has a place here in the US.

While we have not heard of any confirmation that the Buick Regal wagon is making its way over to the US, there are rumors saying that Buick is considering it. If Buick gives it the green light, we will be seeing a Buick Regal Wagon that is based on the Opel Insignia Wagon model.

The Opel Insignia have already been spotted when it was getting tested. From what we can see, the Insignia will be coming in with a slimmer set of headlights and it will also come with a wider and longer body.

While it will be nice to see it make its way over, we also know that automaker is about wary when it comes to bringing wagons into the US as wagon are not that popular.

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