2017 Honda Pilot Forgot About The Transmission

Some fo the issue that Honda Pilot users seems to have with the Honda Pilot is the interior space of the vehicle as well as the transmission and while Honda has made it clear that they are going to work on the interior space, it seems like they might have forgotten or had choose to ignore the transmission issue.

Some users have been hoping that Honda will consider offering the six-speed transmission option on the Honda Pilot Elite model but so far, Honda has not made any indication that they are planning on offering that upgrade.

What we do know is that the upcoming Honda Pilot will be coming in with an upgraded interior design. Honda will be working on the design of the interior in hopes that they can increase the interior space without having to change the exterior measurements of the Honda Pilot.

It has also been reported that the Honda Pilot will also be shedding a few extra pounds this time around.

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