2017 Honda CR-V: RAV4 Hybrid Did Not Scare It

With the kind of numbers Toyota was reporting after the release of the Toyota RAV4 Hybrid model, you would think that Honda would be feeling the heat and that they would start offering a hybrid model of their own as soon as possible but that did not happen.

The fans were expecting to see a 2016 Honda CR-V Hybrid arrive when the RAV4 Hybrid arrive but Honda did not release a new hybrid model. It is believed that Honda is holding on until the new model arrive before they start offering the hybrid engine.
It is believed that the new Honda CR-V will be coming in with a new design that is based on the popular new Honda Civic.

According to Toyota, the Toyota RAV4 sales went up by 10% when they brought out the new hybrid model. It is clear that hybrid engines are in demand right now and Honda might be losing more than they think.

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