2017 Honda Civic Si Pushes The Sport Out Of The Picture

The Honda Civic Si was supposed to come in to fill in the gap between the standard Sport model and the upcoming Type R model but with what the SI will have to offer when it arrives, some people are saying that the Honda Civic SI will eventually kick the Sport model out of the picture.

Some people think that the Honda Civic SI looked a little too aggressive but most people think that Honda gave it the right level of aggressiveness, In fact, a lot of fans felt like Honda was holding back when it comes to their Sport model.

Not only does it look better but it will also come with a more powerful engine. With all of that, would anybody really go for the Sport model and ignore the Civic SI?

Of course, the Honda Civic Si is not here yet, the concept was shown off at the Los Angeles Auto Show. It is believed that the production model should not be straying too far from the Honda Civic SI concept.

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