2017 Chevrolet Volt: Smarter But More Vulnerable

With all the new connected tech and features, new vehicles like the Chevrolet Volt are getting smarter now but they are also more vulnerable.

According to Wired, most of the apps that automakers now offers to help their users unlock their vehicle using their smartphone does not have a good enough security to stop hackers from hacking in.

He added that hackers can easily root a phone or trick it to gain access to the vehicle. They can unlock it and even start the engine remotely. Wired pointed out that Android users are more vulnerable because most of the Android apps does not have any defenses against hackers.

IOS users are less vulnerable but that does not mean hat they are not in danger as well. Hopefully, automakers will start seeing this as a serious threat and actually work on amping up their security when they create an app for the vehicle.

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