2017 Chevrolet Bolt: Why Can We Just Have Something Normal

We do not know what it is with automakers and electric car but they all seems to think that those that would be interested in driving an EV model would like to have a vehicle that looks like an oddball.

We just can’t seem to get a real EV model with a somewhat normal design. We get that the automakers are trying to make sure that people do notice the difference between the standard model and an EV model but we just wish that they will stop giving us models that look so odd.

Of course, some people seems to like how some of the EV models designs in the market but most people seems to agree that EV model generally does not look good.

Looks aside, Chevrolet has just announced that the Chevrolet Bolt will be coming with an EV engine that will be offering about 238mile of range will retail for $37495 when it arrives.

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