2017 Chevrolet Bolt Wages Self-Driving War On Model 3

Tesla has been hyping their Tesla Model 3 for some time now but the wait is not even close to being over. Beating Tesla to the finish line this time is Chevrolet with their Chevrolet Bolt.

Arriving ahead of the Tesla Model 3, the Cheveolet Bolt comes in as Chevrolet’s first ever reasonably priced EV model. According to GM, the Chevrolet Bolt with its EV engine would have an electric range of more than 200miles.

While it seeems like the Chevrolet Bolt might be the one with the advantage here. We also need to consider that Tesla has alreay have 400,000 Tesla Model 3 reserve which means Tesla is already ahead in terms of sales. We also know that Chevrolet will be starting the Bolt of with a low production volume so there is still time for Tesla.

Which of these two models do you think would be the ultimate EV powered vehicle?

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