2017 Chevrolet Bolt Outshined By Own Sibling

The year 2017 was supposed to be the year for the Chevrolet Bolt. While the Volt is still an impressive model, it has already been around for some time now and the Bolt was supposed to be the next big thing but despite that, the Volt still manages to steal the spotlight before 2016 ended.

Right before 2016 ends, the Chevrolet Volt managed to break their own sales record to set a new highest record. In December 2016, Chevrolet managed to sell a total of 3691units of the Volt beating their own record which was set back in 2012. The previous record was 3351units.

While all eyes were on the Bolt last year, the new vehicle could not make a mark before the year ended because Chevrolet had only just started releasing the vehicle. Currently, they have only release 579units of the Chevrolet Bolt in Oregon and California. Things should be looking a lot better at the end of this year.

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