2016 Mazda 6 GT: Music Won’t Soothe Your Soul

This might not be an issue that every 2016 Mazda 6 GT owners have but some owners have reported that the infotainment system on the Mazda 6 GT might not be working like it’s supposed to.

One user pointed out that when he tried to connect his Android device to the Mazda 6 GT, he will get the Previous/Next option as well as the Play/Pause option on the display but there are times when the Previous/Next option will not be there and he will have to pick up his phone and change the songs from there which can be quite an inconvenient.

Some people think that it might have something to do with the Google Android and not the Mazda 6 GT as some users reported that the issue went away when they upgraded their Android.

If you are one of the users that are experienced the same problem, you might want to try and upgrade your Android OS and see if it fixes it.

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