2016 Honda Civic: Better Keep Your Lights Off

It is pretty common for people to accidentally leave the lights of their car on like the headlights or maybe the dome light. While most news cars do come with features that will help turn them off after a certain amount of time, the Honda Civic might not have it, or at least that is what one driver is suggesting.

One 2016 Honda Civic driver went on Reddit to talk about how his Honda Civic battery drain to empty within an hour. According to the owner, he left his car attended for 1 hour and when he return the vehicle refused to start. He later brought the vehicle to the dealer to have it check and the dealer did not find anything wrong with the battery.

Some commenter thinks that he might have left his lights on while others think that the battery were not full in the first place that was why it drain that quickly. You can read more about it here and tell us what you think?

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