2014 Acura MDX Review: It Could Have Been Better!

The all-new MDX from Acura has already been released and it is built as a luxury family SUV for the masses to indulge on. The vehicle might be able to accommodate a maximum of 7 heads at one time but it has the same styling as the 5-seater model.

In detail, we can see that the MDX still comes with the same grille, fenders and lower bumper like its predecessor. There are some new design elements introduced on the latest MDX and it the Jewel Eye LED headlights and the wrap around LED taillights.

Size-wise, the MDX has a wheelbase that is 2-inches longer than its predecessor. This ensures more space for the third row occupants or, more room for cargo. Inside the vehicle, everything is much neater as the new MDX has 9 buttons in total instead of 41 like the previous model. This is made possible with the addition of a new infotainment system which replaces the buttons. Also, there are screens behind every seat to keep the passengers entertained throughout a journey.

There isn’t much effort needed for an individual to adjust on the new MDX. The SUV comes equipped with electronic seats, meaning that passengers can adjust the width and leg room between the second row seats and the third row seats easily. Without any adjustment, the third row seats can fit in an average teenager with ease.

Under the hood, the MDX is runs on a V6 engine that offers 290hp and 267ft-lbs of torque. This is mated to a 6-speed automatic transmission that can switch to paddle shift. There are three driving modes that come with the MDX and they are comfort, normal and sport.

Picking comfort is not recommended as it will turn the MDX into a snail. The least drivers should pick is normal mode where the steering is sharper but power will be capped at a certain point. The sports button doesn’t need explanation as it simply removes the vehicle’s limitations and unleash the best inside. Regardless of the mode selected, the MDX will still run on the AWD system.

It is unsure on how economical the MDX actually is as we couldn’t stand driving on the comfort mode. At normal mode however, the MDX returns 18/27/21mpg.

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