Watch Dogs Update: New Fixes To Its Major Issues

Watch Dogs has already been released and while it fail to be as great as Rockstar’s GTA 5, the game has its own appeal like a super interesting and original storyline. On the downside of things, there are some issues with Watch Dogs.

Some gamers on the PS4 platform revealed that they were unable to find the Untouchable packs or the Conspiracy digital trip when playing the game. Ubisoft was notified of it and revealed that the issue was due to missing files in the game. Last week, the game developer rolled out an update to solve the issue once and for all.

There are some other issues like the one where the loading screen freezes at random. The problem is still unfixed and it heavily annoys the players. However, there is an unofficial remedy for it and it is through uninstalling Watch Dogs and re-installing it again. If players plan to apply the fix, they should create a backup of their saved game first.

Aside from all that, Watch Dogs has proved itself to be one of the best games around at the moment. It is the only HD game that puts the players in Chicago, USA.

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