2016 Lexus RX SUV Facelift: Big Boost For A Mid-Life Cycle

The Lexus RX SUV Facelift is currently in development and it is due to arrive next year. For a mid-cycle refresh, it surprised us when we learned both the RX350 and RX450 are going to get a tremendous boost in design and performance.

According to Lexus, they will be utilizing aluminium for the vehicles’ aluminium for its hood, tailgate and closures. The decision was made with the sole purpose of dragging the weight of the RX Facelift down.

With a lighter framework, it is pretty obvious that the Lexus RX Facelift is going to be better optimized for power and also more fuel economical at the same time.

The RX Facelift will be the first vehicle in Lexus’ history to feature aluminium on its body. Some enthusiasts are worried that the move would mean that the RX Facelift will be fragile. However, Lexus made assurance that the aluminium used are of high quality and as strong as normal metal.

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