2016 Ford Taurus: Not A Pretty Sight From The Rear

The Ford Taurus has long served the masses as the best sedan that comes at a value price. Soon, a new generation of Taurus will get released and it is due to arrive next year.

Now, car junkies can already catch a glimpse at the future Taurus after a spy shot of it got leaked online. The spy shot basically shows the Taurus from the rear-right angle and the photo was snapped when the vehicle was resting at a parking lot.

Nevertheless, it manages to show us how the rear portion of the Taurus is made to appear like. Then again, not a lot can be discussed about the Taurus as the tail section looks super similar to the Ford Fusion and the Ford Focus Sedan. This is except for the fact that it is so much larger than before.

Well, if one wishes to learn more about the Taurus, they will have to wait until Ford spills the bean on the sedan. That is expected to happen around the end of this year.


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