Fallout 4: A Big Middle Finger To Bethesda

It seems that Fallout fans are at a new level of hype for Fallout 4 and they are reluctant to lower down their expectations for the game. The problem is with Bethesda, which have been dragging Fallout 4’s announcements for so long now.

Well, Bethesda better pray hard that Fallout 4 is as impressive as Fallout 3 and Fallout New Vegas. This is because the fans won’t settle for anything less than awesome. If Fallout 4 gets released with a rating of decent at best, they are going to get angry.

In a discussion on Reddit regarding possible scenario if Fallout 4 failed to please the enthusiasts, Redditor SquigBoss are calling for everyone to write a mail to Bethesda with a big picture of a middle finger attached to it.

Just by listening to the voice of the fans, it puts the pressure on Bethesda to deliver. With every passing day, new expectations are made so it is best for Bethesda to act fast and announce on Fallout 4.


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