2016 Ford Focus RS: Screw The Rumours

The Ford Focus has long served the world as one of the most reliable and practical hatchbacks in history. The latest Focus is no different and soon, it will be getting a new trim known as the Focus RS.

Powered by a newly developed 2.3L EcoBoost engine, the Focus RS will be the top-of-the-range trim as it has 350hp to offer. Obviously, this will put the Focus RS above the Focus ST trim.

Then again, rumours are claiming that the Focus RS won’t make its debut here in the US due to the overcrowded performance segment from Ford. In detail, the automotive firm already have the EcoBoost-powered Lincoln MKC and the Mustang.

Well, the rumours might be right but it is unlikely to come true. This is because Ford is very aggressive and they will launch every major production vehicle in the US without any second thoughts.

Besides, this is the Focus RS which is one of Ford’s finest jewels. Being an American carmaker, it is difficult to see Ford sanctioning the Focus RS debut here in the US.

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